Hot Ebony Teacher's Plan

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Juan is not doing so well in school. So much so that his teacher, Daya Knight, showed up at his house to help him study. However, Juan kept slacking off. So his teacher had to come up with a plan that would make him stay focused. They would do a Q&A session and for every answer that he got right, she would take one article of clothing off. This made Juan want to learn, he answered most questions right, causing his teacher to be completely naked. They couldn’t stop there, Juan’s teacher pulled out his cock and began chocking on it. Soon after this was shoving his cock deep down his teacher’s pussy and asshole. He pounded her asshole and finished it all up by busting a giant load inside her pussy.

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Too Sore For Work

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Busty beauty Daya Knight wakes up with her big natural tits feeling sore, and she’s not going to be able to go to work. Is it because her husband grabbed them too hard the night before? Are her massive tits getting even bigger? Daya decides to take the day off from work to recuperate, so her dutiful husband decides to call a masseuse to help his wife’s gorgeous tits feel better! Daya is surprised when a fit massage therapist arrives to give her the rubdown he has requested, and soon this sexy slut realizes that all she really needed to feel better was a new cock to suck and fuck, and wrap her boobs around, that is! Horny Daya decides to cheat on her husband since he could’ve easily handled her need for a long, hard cock between her beautiful bust himself! Will Ms. Knight’s boobs feel better after getting the dicking she desires from Chad White, or will Daya’s husband return home and catch her in the act of fucking another man?

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Busty Birthday Surprise

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My sexy as fuck, bootylicious babe of a girlfriend Daya Knight has a surprise for me. She remembered my birthday and surprised me with a cake. She even decorated our bedroom with pretty things, but all I could think about was watching Daya twerk her wonderful ass in my face! Daya was looking hot as hell in a skimpy tank top and tight panties that were practically disappearing because her bubble butt is that big! I couldn’t wait to rip off her panties and stick my fingers between her dripping wet pussy lips! After teasing me for a few minutes, Daya brought out the birthday balloons, her giant, all natural boobs! Daya teased me some more by fondling her massive tits as she dirty talked to me. But after a while, I just wanted her to blow my candle, sucking my dick, that is! I was ready to give this sexy slut the dicking she desired and this turned out to be the greatest birthday yet because Daya couldn’t get enough of my icing, and by icing, I mean my cum deep inside her pussy for a surprise creampie!

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Damn Daya

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Curvy cutie Daya Knight is one beautiful babe. With her perfectly plump ass and huge tits, she loves to strip and suck dick! Watch as Daya teases you with her beautiful body as she fondles her big boobs over her tight tank top and shakes her bubble butt in her skimpy denim shorts! Daya’s day of fun in the sun isn’t over until she gets herself covered in oil. Luckily for her, Marcus Dupree arrives to spoil her poolside by pouring oil all over this ebony’s pretty pussy and amazing ass. Markus then takes dripping wet Daya inside where she sucks and fucks his big dick until he’s ready to cover this sexy slut’s face with his hot cum!

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Ass Out Cock In

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Daya Knight and her tight pussy are excited to see her brother’s friend lounging in the living room. Daya hasn’t seen Derek in a while and can’t wait to catch up! Daya sees right through Derek’s lame attempt to try and get some ass when he offers her a role in his music video. So this bootylicious beauty gets right to the point, Derek better hurry up and fuck Daya’s sweet pussy before her brother gets home!

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So Busted

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Marina Woods was sucking her boyfriend’s dick in her dorm room. When he was more than hard, she let him fuck her from the back. His two buddies were passing by the dorm room and heard the moaning. They decided to join the party and entered the room. Two girls appeared out of nowhere but they seemed to like each other and started to kiss. They were Hayden Hennessy and Daya Knight. Quickly they got undressed and Daya was eating Hayden’s pussy. Despite the interruption, Marina was still horny and went back to sucking Codey’s dick, even though everybody present was watching. Soon all shyness left her and she started to perform for the audience. She jumped on him for some cowgirl action then climbed on a chair for more doggystyle. The two girls switched through several different licking positions until they maybe came. Codey and Marina went back to their favorite doggystyle and Codey definitely came with a full load into Marina’s face. Just a regular day at the dorm.

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Shower Surprise

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Daya Knight was completely naked and in the shower in the process of getting ready for a big meeting she had that day. When she turned the knob, the shower wasn’t working at all. She called her friend Brad who she knew would be able to help her. She threw on a pair of shorts and a white tee so she wouldn’t be wearing only her birthday suit. Brad started tinkering with the valves and asked her to make sure the knob was completely turned. As she was doing just that, she was sprayed by the sudden burst of water from the shower head. Brad laughed and couldn’t help but notice her gorgeous ebony breasts were clearly visible through the wet tee. They both had a good laugh until Daya decided to bury Brad’s face into her breasts and smother him as payback. Brad couldn’t care less about his face getting all wet as long as he got to feel those soft tits up against his cheek. He made his move and Daya figured now that the shower was fixed she could get in a good fuck and then clean up just in time for her important meeting.

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Get Under The Table

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Daya Knight was trying to get some studying done with her boyfriend, but her luscious massive tits proved to be too much distraction for him. Dirk could not stop from staring at her jugs, and she noticed right away. Daya decided to make a deal with him… she would give him a blowjob if he promised to help her when she was done. Once she flashed some titties then crawled under the table to blow him, her dad showed up! Dirk told him Daya was upstairs, and her father then went away again. She got right to work on his cock as soon as dad had left, then the action soon spilled on top of the kitchen table. He nailed her till he covered her in a massive amount of cum!

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Daya’s first Bang Scene

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It’s not every day we get a girl who writes to us and tells us that she wants to be on our site. So when Daya Knight came to us after her volleyball practice ready to go, we were surprised. The surprises didn’t stop there either, Daya is a busty babe and her boobs look spectacular, they are perfect in shape and softness, you just want to play with them all day, rub oil on them, suck them or even titty-fuck them. Daya also has an incredibly thick ass. It was so much fun watching her get fucked because her tits would bounce and it was sexy. Fucking her doggy was good too because her ass would ripple every time she received dick. Daya really has a great future in porn!

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